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"tyres" "driver" same thing, right???

"A man is in a critical condition after being shot in the head and arms by police investigating a theft of a trailer and mower in Brisbane’s south-east. 

The senior constables thought there was no one in a four-wheel-drive on the property, but it allegedly started coming towards them with the trailer in tow, police union president Ian Leavers said.

"It took them by surprise," Mr Leavers said.

"They were in fear for of their lives and they have used their firearms to protect themselves.

"Both officers acted instinctively as they are trained to do."" (x)

In what world would you shoot at a moving vehicle you thought was empty to try and STOP it???

Like ‘oh yeah this is moving towards me, I’ll shoot the windscreen that’ll fucking show it’

This is either really fucking dodgy or really fucking stupid. 


RIP Gough Whitlam.

He brought in the beginning of land rights, the Racial Discrimination Act, ended the White Australia policy, promoted multiculturalism, introduced free tertiary education, brought in Medicare (Medibank), fought for equal pay for women, fought for greater environmental protection, created Legal Aid and so much more. He was a man who believed in a Australia that had compassion and a vision. 

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I got 75% for the FGM vs cosmetic surgery presentation. Not bad. 

The thing I struggle most with is that I really, really want to help people. Not only at ‘ground’ level but also at ‘policy’ level. So I don’t know if I could live with myself if I worked in a job that didn’t help people in s o m e form (like i’d be really good at a job that is repetitive and I wouldn’t mind doing that every day for ever if it helped people….). 

BUT realistically volunteering and trying to work in these areas gives me so much anxiety that I want to die. 

Soooo - how can I survive economically and mentally? Is it possible?

What job do you actually want? o:

I study Psychology I should probably have put that in there somewhere. 

It is sold as such a “versatile” degree. 

Do not be fooled.

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I wish I was aware I was doing a ‘rich persons’ degree before I had finished my 3rd year (or 2nd or 1st really).

how about the myriad of campaigns in aus for asylum seekers??

Of course !! !

Thank you.! I am starting now

My next essay is on an ACTIVIST campaign. 

I have already done a lot of essays on Indigenous issues in Australia and Ferguson. 

Any ideas other than those?