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Holy shit somehow I have a job interview!!!

And it’s for one of the jobs I applied for knowing it should be within my capabilities - not like some of the jobs I have applied for where I plan to try work until my mental health crashes because I have no money and no choice.

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This is my favourite Facebook Page atm.
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Fav all day
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Here’s another one of my comics! Hope you like it.
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remind me to fb msg you about it when I’m at work x

Okay !! Thank you :) 

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sophisti-cunted answered: DES > centrelink but are associated with them. much better

Apparently DES are only available if you are actually on disability support? Is that correct? That’s what they told me anyway. 

I have no idea how to get into the work force at all. My last 3-ish jobs I’ve lost due to panic attacks within the first week. I have emailed salvation army employment plus,do you know anything about them ??

@belcanta who have you had experience with?

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I can’t trust any book or TV show after watching Game of Thrones. 

Last night in the middle of the Masterchef Grand Final I was thinking ‘but there are so MANY KNIVES IN HERE BE CAREFUL . PLS MAKE IT TO THE END OF THE SEASON’

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"i can’t eat that, i’ll get fat"


"i can’t sleep in late today i have to do work"


"no i can’t watch a whole season in one go that’s lazy"


"i can’t-"


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